1. Domkraft
    Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Howling Giant
    Nashville, Tennessee
  3. Elder
    Berlin, Germany
  4. Daxma
    Oakland, California
  5. Spotlights
    New York
  6. Besvärjelsen
    Stockholm, Sweden
  7. Lord Buffalo
    Austin, Texas
  8. Lowrider
    Stockholm, Sweden
  9. Solace
    Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
  10. Somnuri
    Brooklyn, New York


Blues Funeral Recordings Albuquerque, New Mexico

Independent stoner/doom/heavy psych label with releases from bands like Domkraft, Howling Giant, and Solace, along with the towering WEEDIAN compilation series and the groundbreaking PostWax project - a lavish subscription-style series featuring exclusive new records from Elder, Lowrider, Big Scenic Nowhere, Daxma, Spotlights, Besvärjelsen, and Domkraft, with mindblowing art and design. ... more

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